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Across the southern lands of Australia and Africa

Gaborone, roman of adventure.

In 1996, Nicolas leaves Europe for a trip that will take him from Sydney to Gaborone. Crossing the deserts of Australia and the southern lands of Africa, he will meet all kinds of nationalities, singular characters, but also the Aborigines and the peoples of Botswana and Zimbabwe. The Whitsunday Islands, Great Central Road, Mount Magnet, Maun, Bulawayo, so many unusual places he will visit. This journey will be guided by Julie's love and littered with adventures. A universal novel, to discover others, Gaborone is a hymn to diversity and respect for indigenous cultures. The loss of identity of the Aborigines, the end of apartheid in South Africa, the reign of Mugabe in Zimbabwe are all themes approached from a new angle.


Slideshow trip through Australia and Southern Africa. 1996

"... good art can (and perhaps must) be a local affair – the product of a particular place and culture."

Roy Guthrie, Sunday Telegraph, 1991

"Listen to the Dreamtime, it teaches the world around us."

Doris Gingingara (1946-1999)

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